Automated Medical manufactures and distributes the highest quality Swiss made, surgical retraction systems for open and minimally invasive techniques.  Automated’s instrumentation is designed to provide the Bariatric surgeon with optimum exposure and control.  With more than a quarter century in collaboration with Bariatric surgeons, we have responded to their input to create superb exposure for open cases.  The Stieber Rib Grip Kit is such an example.  For minimally invasive procedures the Iron Intern® with Nathanson Hooks for liver retraction provides another example.  We will continue as a charter member of the ASMBS Corporate Council, to strive to provide innovative surgical instrumentation of the operating theater and its’ surgical teams.

The systems are simple to use and provide not only superb exposure but the utmost flexibility from our “3D Swinger” Rail Clamp, Iron Intern® Single Arm and Hydra Yoke Double Arm.

Products and Services Offered

ARH/22 Iron Intern, Single Arm  Automatic Retractor Holder for Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgeries
HYDRA/22 Iron Intern, Double Arm Automatic Retractor Holder for Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgeries
Nathanson Hook Liver Retractors Retractors, Laparoscopic Surgery
LC/1 Greenstein Gripper
LC/2 Greenstein Gripper
LC/3 Greenstein Gripper
Laparoscopic Surgery 
Deaver Retractors Pediatric, Vascular,Gynecological
Harrington Retractors Gynecological, General, Abdominal, Giant Abdominal
Malleable Retractors Liver Transplantation, Bariatric
O’Brien Lap Band Set Laparoscopic Surgery
Fritsch Retractors Colon/Rectal, Mastectomy
Hermann Hallmark Retractors Liver Transplantation, Kidney
Articulating Dissectors Eccentric “Y” Laparoscopic Surgery
Deep Suture, Fascia Laparoscopic Surgery



Contact Information

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