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Automated Medical Products Corp. develops, manufactures and distributes surgical instruments. Its principle product is the automatic retractor holder, the Iron Intern©, a single and a double arm that simulates the function of a human arm but is always steady. The Iron Intern© is a perfect choice for any type of surgery including laparoscopic and bariatric. The Stieber Rib Grip Kit is our perfect solution for superior exposure in open abdomen surgery. We were the first company to introduce Nathanson Hooks Liver Retractors to the US market. The Iron Intern© has become the leader in bariatric surgery, both laparoscopic and open procedures.

Automated Medical Products Corp offers the Iron Intern® Available for use in laparoscopic and open surgery. The Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip Kit provides superior exposure in the abdomen and serves liver transplants. Find out more about these products at or E-mail us at with any questions.

Products and Services Offered

ARH/22 Iron Intern, Single Arm  Automatic Retractor Holder for Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgeries
HYDRA/22 Iron Intern, Double Arm Automatic Retractor Holder for Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgeries
Nathanson Hook Liver Retractors Retractors, Laparoscopic Surgery
LC/1 Greenstein Gripper
LC/2 Greenstein Gripper
LC/3 Greenstein Gripper
Laparoscopic Surgery 
Deaver Retractors Pediatric, Vascular,Gynecological
Harrington Retractors Gynecological, General, Abdominal, Giant Abdominal
Malleable Retractors Liver Transplantation, Bariatric
O’Brien Lap Band Set Laparoscopic Surgery
Fritsch Retractors Colon/Rectal, Mastectomy
Hermann Hallmark Retractors Liver Transplantation, Kidney
Articulating Dissectors Eccentric “Y” Laparoscopic Surgery
Deep Suture, Fascia Laparoscopic Surgery



Contact Information

P.O. Box 759
Woodbridge, NJ 07095 USA
Janice Brown
Phone 732-602-7717
Fax 732-602-7706
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