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Saniea Majid, MD FASMBS


C. Joe Northup, MD FASMBS
Executive Council Liaison


Saad Ajmal, MD FASMBS
Naif Alenazi, MD MHM FASMBS
Stephen Archer, MD FASMBS, Immediate Past Chair
Christine Bauer, RN MSN CBN

Anthony Gonzalez, MD
Brandon Grover, DO FASMBS
Farah Husain, MD FASMBS
Colleen Kennedy, MD FASMBS
Neil King, MD
David Podkameni, MD

Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
Christopher Still, DO
Ranjan Sudan, MD FASMBS
Tiffany Tanner, MD
David Voellinger, MD
Michael Wood, MD
Robert Woodbury, MD

Ad Hoc Members

Micheal Morell, MD
Craig Wood, MS

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Leslie Vinson


To improve the care and treatment of people suffering from obesity


The ASMBS Obesity Prevention Committee advocates for, educates, and empowers individuals and families, healthcare providers, public policy framers and society at large to work across generations to realize lifestyles, healthcare strategies and public policies that prevent obesity.


1) Raise awareness among ASMBS members about the relevance and importance of obesity prevention 2) Provide tools to help members engage with obesity prevention. 3) Inform the broader healthcare community and the public about the society’s stance on obesity prevention issues

Committee Goals


1) Obesity prevention among patients who have had bariatric surgery – publish paper on the survey
2) Articles/news/press releases on prevention issues such as food supply, exercise, work conditions
3) Short statement on issues of interest to prevention


1) Obesity prevention among patients who have had bariatric surgery – Consensus Conference at ObesityWeek 2020
2) Generate a paper directly from conference participants


1) Obesity prevention among patients who have had bariatric surgery – care pathway publication on consensus conference about obesity prevention in post-op patients
2) Develop a study to exploit the halo effect of bariatric surgery: The HALO study, “Help Alleviate Longitudinal Obesity” – define elements to be studied, complete study, and write paper

Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives

1) Obesity prevention among patients who have had bariatric surgery paper in review with EC – publish . 2) Obtaining permission to have a column in Bariatric Times
3) Social Media blog
4) Articles/column in newspapers
5) Involvement at Obesity Summit

1) Ongoing discussions with EC liaison and Program Committee regarding the Consensus Conference at ObesityWeek 2020 – need final EC permission to work on this project

1) After successfully conducting the Consensus Conference about obesity prevention in post-op patients at ObesityWeek 2020 will form a work group to write a pathway
1) Will discuss the HALO project with the committee to get more provide more direction at ObesityWeek 2019 meeting

2019 Completed Projects

1) Dr. Majid became Chair in August 2019
2) Initial draft of Sugar Sweetened Beverages paper in review with CIC

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