Stephen Archer, MD

Robert Woodbury, MD

Aurora Pryor, MD
Executive Council Liaison


Anthony Gonzalez, MD
Colleen Kennedy, MD
Christine Bauer, RN, MSN, CBN
Leslie Heinberg, MD
Shanu Kothari, MD

Stacy Brethauer, MD
Eric DeMaria, MD
Rosa Cataldo, DO
Julie Kim, MD
David Podkameni, MD
Samer Mattar, MD
Ann Rodgers, MD

Ranjan Sudan, MD
Lillian Craggs-Dino, RD
Kirk Reichard, MD
Miguel Burch, MD
Paul Wizman, MD
Naif Alenazi, MD
Saniea F. Majid MD, FASMBS

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Reba Liddy Hernandez


The ASMBS Obesity Prevention Committee advocates for, educates, and empowers individuals and families, healthcare providers, public policy framers and society at large to work across generations to realize lifestyles, healthcare strategies and public policies that prevent obesity.


  • To create a clinical pathway for prevention of weight regain (prevention of obesity) in post bariatric surgery patients.
  • To develop community solutions to obesity prevention by partnering with the foundation to create a mini-grant program, with the ability to scale up the successful ones.
  • To develop a program to address issues related to the food supply on a national level to include national statements about the food industry, school lunches and/or, empty foods.