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Posted 3/5/2023

1. Presidential Messages

Teresa LaMasters, MD FACS FASMBS DABOM and Nate Sann, MSN FNP-BC deliver the monthly Presidential Video Message. Hear about the current state of the Society and upcoming events. 

ASMBS Presidential Message

ASMBS Integrated Health Presidential Message

2. Education & Events

What is BE-SAFE?

BE-SAFE! Stands for Bariatric Endoscopy – Skill Acquisition Focused Evaluation

The next BE-SAFE! hands-on skills verification will be offered at the 2023 ASMBS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV on Monday, June 26th, 2023, from 1:30 – 3:30 PM and 3:30 – 5:00 PM.

ASMBS 2023 Research Grant Award

Applications for the ASMBS 2023 Research Grant Award will be accepted until April 10th, 2023. Preference will be given to proposals addressing Enhancing Outcomes Through Combined Treatments . Two top awards will be announced in June 2023. Funding is made possible by the ASMBS Foundation. If you have questions, please contact:

Upcoming Webinars

3. Committee Updates

Do you want to be more involved with ASMBS? Apply to join a committee here!

The ASMBS gives members an opportunity to be involved in committees that impact research, education, patient access, reimbursement, technologic innovation, communication, and public service.

4. Membership News

ASMBS Compensation and Practice Pattern Survey (For Surgeon Members Only)

Salary negotiations can be difficult, whether it’s your first attending job, career change, or adding additional administrative responsibility into your busy schedule. The ASMBS would like to put together a free resource to help our members. We last published surgeon salary data 10 years ago and are making a fresh update. The more responses we get, the better the quality of our data will be. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey by March 21st, 2023 .

We plan to provide data on:

  • Salary ranges by state and experience
  • Stipend ranges for clinical and administrative roles
  • Fair RVU reimbursement rates
  • And more!

Become A Mentor or Mentee Today!

Trouble navigating a balance between work and home? Feeling burned out in your career? Want advice on how to improve in the OR or evolve your practice? Want to help contribute to the growth of a less experienced surgeon?

On behalf of the Diversity and Inclusion committee, we present the ASMBS Surgical Mentorship Program to you. The program’s goals are to help promote professional success, reduce burnout, and encourage the well-being of our surgeons. Pairing an early career with mid-career surgeons (5-15 years of practice) and mid-career with senior surgeons ( >15 years of experience/retired) will target the needs of the mentee over a 1-year period. Apply today to become a mentee or a mentor!

Click here for more information.

Now accepting Integrated Health nominations

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 . The Circle of Excellence , Certified Bariatric Nurse , Behavioral Health Provider , and Advanced Practice Provider Awards will be presented at the ASMBS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

5. Advocacy & Access to Care

OCC January – February 2023 Advocacy Report

118th Congress Convenes: Advocates Evaluating Changes for TROA

OCAN Reposnds to CMS Request for Information on Essential Health Benefits

See the latest Obesity Care Continuum Advocacy Report

Oregon HERC Posts Draft Policy for Bariatric Surgery

The attached draft coverage guidance on bariatric procedures has been posted for 30-day public comment, beginning 2/7/2023 and ending 8:00 AM 3/8/2023:

For those interested in providing written comments during this formal comment period, please visit the Open for Comments page on HERC’s website.

Northeast Tri-State Area Win With the New ASMBS/IFSO 2022 Guidelines!

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jersey , the largest insurance company in the state of New Jersey, approved a patient on a peer-to-peer review under our new ASMBS/IFSO Guidelines 2022.

ASMBS Member Jason Krynicki, Bariatrics Resource Advisor/MBSCR, reported that his program submitted a case where the patient had a BMI of 32 with hypertension and was taking medicine. The nurse reviewer, with whom he has a good rapport, wanted to approve the patient, but it had to go to the Medical Director for review. It was denied on a Friday. On Monday afternoon, their program’s doctor had a peer-to-peer using the new guidelines, and it was approved!

Please let us know at if you have any wins using the new guidelines and also if you need any assistance with them!

Op-ed for The Hill Magazine

Dr. Shauna Levy, Access to Care STAR for the Louisiana State Chapter, was invited to write an op-ed for The Hill magazine about the difficulties of treating obesity in America. Dr. Levy thanks Chris Gallagher for all his support while writing this piece!

ASMBS Georgia State Chapter Advocacy Efforts

The ASMBS Georgia Chapter wrote an abstract with the ACS advocacy and health policy competition that is upcoming at the ACS Leadership and Advocacy Summit. GA ACS selected them as the state winner. Dr. Renee Hilton, GA Chapter President and Access to Care Committee Co-Chair, said her resident, who received a travel scholarship to go present, is now a national finalist and “will be presenting to win it all hopefully. I hope this will showcase the powerful work that even a small group of passionate minds can accomplish.”

Connecticut Senate Bill 976 Hearing February 14th, 2023:

(Raised) As act concerning health coverage mandates for certain health conditions. This includes a mandate (requirement) for insurance coverage of bariatric surgery and medications for the treatment of obesity. Members are asked to submit testimony here.

Thanks to Chris Gallagher, thousands of letters were generated from the OAC website within a 36-hour timeframe. Public testimony is happening, and there will be a vote.

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