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Posted 7/5/2023

July 2023 Edition

1. Presidential Messages

Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS and Stephanie Sogg, PhD deliver the monthly Presidential Video Message. Hear about the current state of the Society and upcoming events. 

ASMBS Presidential Message

  • 2023-2024 ASMBS Executive Council
  • Engage in your State Chapter!
  • ASMBS Integrated Health Presidential Message

    2. Education & Events

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 ASMBS Leadership!


    Lisa West-Smith, PhD LISW-S

    2023 Circle of Excellence Award Recipient

    Connie Klein, NPC CBN

    2023 Advanced Practice Provider Award Recipient

    Linda Neumann-Potash, RN MN CBN

    2023 Distinguished CBN Award Recipient

    Rachel Goldman, PhD FTOS

    2023 Behavioral Health Provider Award Recipient

    Remember to Claim Your Credits from the ASMBS 39th Annual Meeting!

    Did you know that you can complete evaluations and claim credits within the ASMBS 2023 Annual Meeting mobile app?

    You will receive daily emails with a personalized login link to evaluate and claim your credits. The email will be sent to the email address you used when registering. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your evaluation email.

    Check your inbox for a personalized invitation to download the mobile app.

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    Upcoming Webinars

    Upcoming Events

  • October 5-7, 2023 | ASMBS 2023 Weekend Meeting | New Orleans, LA
  • June 9-13, 2024 | ASMBS 2024 Annual Meeting | San DIego, CA

  • 3. Committee Updates

    CONGRATULATIONS! ASMBS Committee of the Year

    IH Compensation Survey NOW AVAILABLE

    In an ongoing effort to better understand and identify salary and benefit packages for our members and assist with developing compensation benchmarks, ASMBS has developed an Integrated Health Compensation Survey and is encouraging all members to complete it as soon as possible.

    IH Mentorship Program NOW AVAILABLE

    Trouble navigating a balance between work and home? Feeling burned out in your career? Want advice on how to improve in your specialty? Want to help contribute to the growth of a less experienced Integrated Health Member? Apply today to the IH Multidisciplinary Care Committee’s IH Mentorship Program to become a mentee or a mentor!

    4. Membership News

    ASMBS Integrated Health Member Spotlight Coming Soon!

    The IH Membership Committee wants to highlight the achievement of IH members. Do you know someone who has started a new job? Anyone who has received a promotion? We want to know! 

    The IH Membership Committee will provide details on how to nominate yourself or a colleague for the Member Spotlight. Stay Tuned!

    5. Advocacy & Access to Care

    Washington State Health Technology Assessment

    The program is proposing to re-review bariatric surgery in 2024;  Proposed topics 2023

    Re-review of bariatric surgery to include four types of procedures most commonly utilized. CMS released new codes for a procedure as it relates to bariatric surgery. This was shared via email with ASMBS Access to Care Committee and Washington State members on June 13th

    Public comments accepted until 5:00 p.m., Monday, June 26, 2023

    Submit all comments to:

    Sanford Health Plan

    Dr. Ellen Vogels, Access to Care Committee North Dakota STAR, reported that

    Although the Sanford Health Plan does not cover weight loss medications, I have worked with them to change the bariatric surgery criteria to the following… We provide coverage for a significant amount of patients in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and parts of Montana.

    Bariatric Surgery Criteria · ALL of the following must be met:

    1. BMI measurement must meet or exceed the guideline criteria for a minimum of 12 months – Severity of obesity judged appropriate for procedure as indicated by 1 or more of the following.
    2. Adult patient has BMI of 35 or greater (32.5 in Asian patients).
    3. Adult patient has BMI of 30 or greater (27.5 in Asian patient) with type 2 diabetes mellitus with inadequately controlled hyperglycemia (eg, HbA1c greater than 8% (64 mmol/mol) despite optimal medical treatment (eg, oral medication, insulin))

    BCBS Minnesota

    BCBS Minnesota published a list of new and revised medical policies, which includes their bariatric surgery policy:

    Expands coverage to include BMI 30-35 with Type 2 diabetes, with inadequate glycemic control (HbA1c ≥ 8)

    There’s still no consideration for low BMI for Asians or those with BMI 35-45 without comorbidities, but nonetheless, it’s a positive change.- Susan Hupp, Medtronic Ad Hoc Access to Care Committee Member


    BCBS VT (250K covered lives) has made significant changes and expanded indications referencing the 2022 ASMBS/IFSO guidelines:

    • BMI 35+ with or without comorbidities
    • BMI 30-35 with one significant comorbidity
    • BMI 27.5+ for Asians with diabetes or metabolic syndrome

    Gap that remains: SADI-S is investigational


    (2 million covered lives) added a 6 month pre-op weight loss requirement.

    Connecticut SB 977

    On behalf Dr. Darren Tishler, Connecticut State Chapter President and Access to Care Committee Co-Chair, and Dr. Neil Floch, Past Connecticut State Chapter President/Current State Access to Care Representative:

    We would like to inform you that Bill SB 977 has been signed by Governor Lamont and is now a law.

    The Bill ensures access to obesity care for Medicaid patients in Connecticut with a BMI over 35 and includes both bariatric surgery and medications. Although surgery was already covered – medications were not.

    It represents the ASMBS CT Chapter’s first WIN in a 5-year fight for improved access for obesity treatments in the state!

    Our goals are lofty and we hope that we can achieve a mandate to reverse Obamacare and expand broader coverage by private insurers in future years. A win is a win and our fight continues. Thanks to the team for all their support. – Dr. Neil Floch

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