Published January 2017

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Submission Deadline: June 2017

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Purpose & Guidelines

The ASMBS Research Grant award program has been initiated to encourage research in the field of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Grant funding has been made available to our members in hopes that funding through ASMBS will lead to additional extramural funding. Awards are conferred on a competitive basis by submission of a grant application that is reviewed and evaluated by the ASMBS Research Committee and approved by the Governing Board. Results of this project are expected to be presented at the ASMBS Plenary Session as well as published in SOARD upon completion.

Eligibility Requirements

Membership in ASMBS is required. The Principal Investigator (PI) must be an active ASMBS member. ASMBS grant applications will only be accepted from a current ASMBS member in good standing. Non-members are not eligible to apply. Grants submitted by nonmembers will not be considered for funding.

The opportunity to apply for ASMBS research awards is extended to any principal investigator who is an ASMBS member, including Regular, Affiliate Surgeon, Affiliate Physician, Associate and Candidate members. However, if the Principal Investigator (PI) is not a REGULAR ASMBS Member (i.e. surgeon member) he or she must find a REGULAR member to act as his/her “Responsible Co-PI.” It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify this membership status prior to submittal of grant application.

The Regular member/Responsible Co-PI will assume responsibility for the grant should the non-Regular ASMBS member leave the original institution and is unable to transfer the grant (e.g. the junior Member moves and enters a practice where there are inadequate research facilities). The “Responsible Co-PI” is assumed to be the PI’s mentor, overseeing the research conducted. A letter written/signed by the Responsible Co-PI must be included in the application packet stating this understanding of responsibility.

Available Grants

  • Two $25,000 grants awarded for metabolic and bariatric surgery research
  • Two $25,000 grants awarded to fund robotic research in metabolic and bariatric surgery research

Grant Guidelines

It is assumed that some of the resources required to conduct the project are available through the investigator’s institution. The research grant serves to provide supplemental support for personnel (not including the salary of the principal investigator), equipment or services required to complete the research.

Please leave any identifying information such as resources, environment and personnel, out of the body of the grant.

The following requirements must be met by the Principal Investigator:

  1. Investigators are required to submit semi-annual updates to ASMBS Research Committee during the course of the research.
  2. At the conclusion of the project, the investigator is required to submit a report to the Research Committee.
  3. An abstract must be submitted for the ASMBS Scientific Session of the Annual Meeting that immediately follows the successful completion of the work as well as submit the full paper to SOARD, Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. A copy of the abstract and the manuscript should be sent to the ASMBS office upon submission.

If this follow up information is not provided, all investigators and their institutions will be denied future funding through the ASMBS Research Grant Program. In addition, the researcher and members of his/her team will not be permitted to present other work to the ASMBS Annual Meeting for a two-year period of time.

Since research facilities are factored into funding decisions by the Research Committee, the Principal Investigator must inform the ASMBS office if he/she leaves his/her institution during the course of conducting this research. The ASMBS Research Committee Chair will work with the investigator to determine if the research funds will stay with the initial institution or move with the investigator. ASMBS reserves the right to make this final decision.

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Contact Information

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