ASMBS Executive Council

Ninh Nguyen, MD, FASMBS

John Morton, MD, FASMBS

Jaime Ponce, MD, FASMBS
Past President

Robin Blackstone MD, FASMBS
Senior Past President

Raul Rosenthal, MD, FASMBS

Marc Bessler, MD

Matthew Brengman, MD

Stacy Brethauer, MD

Matthew Hutter, MD

Alfons Pomp, MD

David Provost, MD

Karen Schulz, RN, MSN, CBN
IH President

Christine Bauer, MSN, RN, CBN
IH President-Elect

Integrated Health Executive Council

Karen Schulz, RN MSN CBN
IH President

Christine Bauer, MSN RN CBN
IH President-Elect

Julie Parrott, MS RD LD
IH Secretary

Laura Boyer, RN CBN
IH Past President

William Gourash, MSN CRNP
IH Senior Past President


John Morton, MD, FASMBS
EC Liaison

Maureen Quigley, APRN
IH Member-at-Large

Wendy King, PhD
IH Member-at-Large

Pamela Davis, RN, CBN, CCM
IH Member-at-Large

Karen M. Flanders, NP, CBN
IH Member-at-Large

Lynn Bolduc, MS, RD, LD, CDE
IH Member-at-Large

Lisa West-Smith, PhD LCSW
IH Member-at-Large

ASMBS Committees

Access to Care
Chair: Wayne English, MD; Co-Chair: Brandon Williams, MD; EC Liaison: John Morton, MD

Bariatric Surgery Training
Chair: Alfons Pomp, MD; Co-Chair: Corrigan McBride, MD; EC Liaison: Alfons Pomp, MD

Clinical Issues
Chair: Shanu Kothari, MD; Co-Chair: Julie Kim, MD; EC Liaison: Stacy Brethauer, MD

Chair: Brian Smith, MD; Co-Chair: Marina Kurian, MD; EC Liaison: Ninh Nguyen, MD

Development Liaison Group
Chair: Mitchell Roslin, MD; Co-Chair: Peter LePort, MD; EC Liaison: Ninh Nguyen, MD

Emerging Technology and Procedures
Chair: Aurora Pryor, MD; Co-Chair: George Eid, MD; EC Liaison: Marc Bessler, MD

Chair: Matthew Brengman, MD; Co-Chair: Helmuth Billy, MD; EC Liaison: Matthew Brengman, MD

International Development
Chair: Samer Mattar, MD, FASMBS; Co-Chair: Natan Zundel, MD, FASMBS; EC Liaison: Jaime Ponce, MD, FASMBS

Chair: Samuel Szomstein, MD; Co-Chair: John Kelly, MD; EC Liaison: David Provost, MD

Chair: Robin Blackstone, MD

Patient Safety
Chair: Daniel Jones, MD; Co-Chair: Giselle Hamad, MD; EC Liaison: Raul Rosenthal, MD

Pediatric Surgery
Chair: Kirk Reichard, MD; Co-Chair: Anita Courcoulas, MD; EC Liaison: Alfons Pomp, MD

Chair: Dan Herron, MD; Co-Chair: Aurora Pryor, MD

Public Education
Chair: David Provost, MD; Co-Chair: Joy Collins, MD; EC Liaison: David Provost, MD

Chair: Ranjan Sudan, MD; Co-Chair: Matthew Hutter, MD; EC Liaison: Matthew Hutter, MD

State and Local Chapters
Chair: Michael Nusbaum, MD; Co-Chair: Christopher Joyce, MD; EC Liaison: Raul Rosenthal, MD

Integrated Health Sciences Section

Integrated Health Membership
Chair: Constance Simms, RN CBN; Co-Chair: Nathaniel Sann, FNP-BC MSN; IHEC Liaison: Maureen Quigley, ARNP

Integrated Health Clinical Issues And Guidelines
Chair & IHEC Liaison:: Pamela Davis, RN CBN CCM; Co-Chair: Lisa West-Smith, PhD LCSW

Integrated Health Communications
Chair: Nathaniel Sann, FNP-BC MSN; Co-Chair: Rachel Dickerson, NP-BC; IHEC Liaison: Karen Schulz, RN BSN CBN

Integrated Health Professional Education
Chair & IHEC Liaison: Karen Flanders, NP, CBN; Co-Chair: Maureen Quigley, APRN

Integrated Health Multidisciplinary Care
Chair: Tracy Martinez, BSN RN CBN; Co-Chair: Mark Verschell, PsyD; IHEC Liaison: Laura Boyer, RN CBN

Integrated Health Support Group Committee
Chair: Stephen Ritz, PhD; Co-Chair: Kellie Armstrong, RN, MS, CBN; IHEC Liaison: Julie Parrott, MS, RD, CPT

Integrated Health Nominating Committee
Chair: William F. Gourash, MSN, CRNP

Integrated Health CBN Certification Committee
Chair & IHEC Liaison:: William Gourash, MSN CRNP; Co-Chair: Jessie Moore, APRN

Jaime Ponce, MD, — 2012-2013
Robin Blackstone, MD — 2011-2012
Bruce Wolfe, MD — 2010-2011
John Baker, MD — 2009-2010
Scott Shikora, MD — 2008-2009
Kelvin Higa, MD — 2007-2008
Philip R. Schauer, MD — 2006-2007
Neil Hutcher, MD — 2005-2006
Harvey J. Sugerman, MD — 2004-2005
Alan C. Wittgrove, MD — 2003-2004
Walter J. Pories, MD — 2002-2003
Kenneth B. Jones, Jr., MD — 2001-2002
Robert E. Brolin, MD — 2000-2001
Latham Flanagan, Jr., MD — 1999-2000
Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD — 1998-1999
S. Ross Fox, MD — 1997-1998
Kenneth G. MacDonald, MD — 1996-1997
Alex M.C. Macgregor, MD — 1995-1996
Mervyn Deitel, MD — 1994-1995
Otto L. Willbanks, MD — 1993-1994
Boyd E. Terry, MD — 1992-1993
John H. Linner, MD — 1991-1992
George S. M. Cowan, Jr., MD — 1990-1991
Cornelius Doherty, MD — 1989-1990
J. Patrick O’Leary, MD — 1987-1989
John D. Halverson, MD — 1985-1987
Edward E. Mason, MD, PhD — 1983-1985

IH Past Presidents
Laura Boyer, RN, CBN – 2010-2012
William Gourash, MSN, CRNP -2008-2010
Bobbie Lou Price, BSN, RN, CBN – 2006-2008
Deborah Cox, RN – 2004-2006
Tracy Martinez, BSN, RN, CBN - 1999-2004
Mary Lou Walen – 1996-1999
Georgeann Mallory, RD – 1991-1996

2012 Bruce M. Wolfe, MD
2010 David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS
2009 Walter J. Pories “The Challenge and Bariatric Manpower”
2008 George L. Blackburn, MD, PhD “Evidence Based Recommendations for Best Practices in Weight Loss Surgery”
2007 Atul Gawande, MD “Better: A Strategy for Raising Performance in Surgery”
2006 Albert J. Stunkard, MD “A Life with Obesity”
2005 Samuel Klein, MD “Medical Management of Obesity”
2004 Thomas R. Russell, MD “Surgery in the Future – What Will Be Expected of all of US?”
2003 Jarl Torgerson, MD “Swedish Obese Subjects: The Report”
2002 Michael Jansen, MD “Where are we going with obesity (as seen by NAASO)?”
2001 Van S. Hubbard, MD “Overweight and Obesity: A National Health Priority”
2000 George S. M. Cowan, Jr., MD “The under-utilitized bariatric Surgery Research Model”
1999 Larry Richardson, MD “Current Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity”
1998 William Castelli, MD “Lessons Learned from the Framingham Study”
1996 Lloyd MacLean, MD “Advances in the Treatment of Obesity”
1995 Carlos A. Pelligrini, MD “Surgical Management of Reflux Esophagitis”
1994 Keith A. Kelly, MD “Motility Disorders after the Roux-en Y Anastomosis”
1993 Ward O. Griffin, MD “Weighty Reporting”
1992 Walter Pories, MD “Adventures in Obesity”
1991 Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD “Partial Ileal Bypass and the POSCH Trial”
1990 Edward R. Woodward, MD “The Learning Curve”
1989 H. William Scott, MD “A Tribute to Edward E. Mason”

Honorary Members
Folke Eriksson
Ezio Gianetta
Lars Granstrom
Chikashi Ito
Isao Kawamura
E. R. T. C. Owen
Nicola Scopinaro
Lars Sjostrom
Lloyd MacLean
George Bray
Andrew Jamieson
Claude Bouchard
Distinguished Members
John Linner
Edward Mason

Past Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

2000 George Cowan, MD
2001 Alan Wittgrove, MD
2002 Melodie Moorehead, PhD, ABPP
2003 Walter Lindstrom, Esq
2004 Cynthia Buffington, PhD
2005 Bryan Woodward, MPH
2006 Tracy Martinez, RN, BSN, CBN
2007 William Gourash, MSN, CRNP
2008 Georgeann N. Mallory, RD
2009 Bobbie Lou Price, BSN, RN, CBN
2010 Jessie Moore, APRN
2011 Christopher Still, DO
2012 David Sarwer, PhD

In an effort to demonstrate transparency in our organization, American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery will display disclosure information for Executive Council members and Integrated Health Council members. It is an ACCME requirement and ASMBS policy that disclosure is made prior to any CME activity to attendees, We would like to go a step further for our ASMBS members so they know the relationships of those serving on our governing bodies. Be advised that all potential conflicts of interest have been identified and resolved according to ASMBS policy. Follow this link to download the disclosure information.(PDF)