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April 2013

A Note About Sensitivity
- Patients First, What about People-first?
- People-first Language for Obesity

Integrated Health Updates
Spring Event registration, Obesity Week, and ASMBS 30th Annual Meeting Abstract Submission

CBN Updates
Need help studying for the CBN Exam? - The online CBN review course has been updated and will be available online.

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Invite Your Colleagues to Join ASMBS
The IH Membership Committee is always looking for opportunities to grow our voice and enhance  our Integrated Health membership . Please forward the link to your peers and encourage them to join ASMBS.

Please email Nate Sann, IH Membership Committee Committee Co-chair, if you have any questions regarding the process or a committee.

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Your Integrated Health Leadership

The Integrated Heath Executive Council is responsible for directing the activities of the Integrated Health Section of the ASMBS, including strategic planning and acting as representatives of their disciplines to the Executive Council and the society.

To improve public health and well-being by lessening the burden of the disease of obesity and related diseases throughout the world.

Integrated Health Executive Council

Karen Schulz, RN MSN CBN  IH President

Christine Bauer, MSN RN CBN IH President-Elect

Julie Parrott, MS RD LD   IH Secretary

Laura Boyer, RN CBN   IH Past President

William Gourash, MSN CRNP   IH Senior Past President

John Mortone, MD   EC Liaison

Wendy King, PhD   IH Member-at-Large

Maureen Quigley, APRN   IH Member-at-Large

Pamela Davis, RN, CBN, CCM   IH Member-at-Large

Karen M. Flanders, NP, CBN   IH Member-at-Large

Lynn Bolduc, MS, RD, LD, CDE IH Member-at-Large

Lisa West-Smith, PhD LCSW   IH Member-at-Large


Universal Goals

  • To increase the awareness of the importance of the “integrated multidisciplinary” approach to the treatment of obesity
  • To optimize patient access to comprehensive and long-term bariatric and metabolic surgical health care
  • To promote better understanding of the role of integrated health professionals in bariatric and metabolic surgery
  • To be the recognized authority on the “integrated multidisciplinary” approach to caring for the bariatric and metabolic surgical patient
  • To increase integrated health professional membership value and retention
  • To cultivate a knowledgeable, skilled and empowered membership inclusive of all integrated health specialties

Integrated Health Committees

Integrated Health Membership

Chair: Constance Simms, RN CBN;
Co-Chair: Nathaniel Sann, FNP-BC MSN

Integrated Health Clinical Issues And Guidelines

Chair: Pamela Davis, RN CBN CCM;
Co-Chair: Lisa West-Smith, PhD LCSW

Integrated Health Communications
Chair:   Nathaniel Sann, FNP-BC MSN

Integrated Health Professional Education

Chair: Karen Flanders, NP CBN
Co-Chair: Maureen Quigley, ARNP

Integrated Health Multidisciplinary Care

Chair: Tracy Martinez, BSN RN CBN
Co-Chair: Mark Verschell, PsyD

Integrated Health Support Group Committee

Chair: Stephen Ritz, PhD
Co-Chair: Kellie Armstrong, RN, MS, CBN

Integrated Health Nominating Committee

Chair: William Gourash, MSN CRNP

Integrated Health RN Credentialing

Chair: William Gourash, MSN CRNP
Co-Chair: Jessie Moore, ARNP

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Integrated Health Programs
Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN)

Integrated Health Resources 

Integrated Health Clinical Issues and Guidelines Publications
Gastric Band Adjustment Credentialing Guidelines for Physician Extenders 


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