MBSAQIP Updates and Timelines

Discussions on accreditation, quality, MBSAQIP, and CMS dominated the first quarter of 2013.  ASMBS leadership has worked to keep the membership at the forefront of these discussions with timely updates and ongoing communication. Below is a summary of the progress made so far and timelines for the near future:


Comments on the first draft of the MBSAQIP were received collated and discussed.  The Standards Committee is nearing the final stage of the second draft and we are on target with the timeline for the completion of the standards.
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ASMBS Response To CMS Facility Certification National Care Analysis
On January 18, 2013, Dr. John Birkmeyer sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) asking CMS to re-open the National Care Determination for Bariatric Surgery specifically to remove the Facility Accreditation requirement. CMS re-opened the NCD and asked for comments regarding the facility accreditation.  In addition to the 212 public comments submitted, ASMBS wrote a letter with peer-reviewed scientific evidence supporting facility accreditation.

Evidence supporting proposed volume standard of 50 stapling bariatric cases/year
This NCA allowed the ASMBS to have an opportunity to submit supporting peer reviewed scientific evidence to support the new proposed annual volume criteria of 50 stapling bariatric cases per year.

Our comprehensive literature review on the volume and outcome relationship in bariatric surgery supports the following:

  1. There are ample data to substantiate the volume and outcome relationship in bariatric surgery.
  2. The volume and outcome relationship have only been shown for complex stapling cases.
  3. Volume and outcome relationship in bariatric surgery have been shown for both the institution and the surgeon.

To read the entire letter to CMS click here

The following is a timeline for the CMS CNA Decision:
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Please note that the proposed 50 stapling case volume threshold has not yet been decided by ASMBS/ACS or CMS at this time and all centers currently designated by either the ASMBS BSCOE or ACS BSCN programs must continue to meet their respective standards for accreditation.  



ASMBS BSCOE Reaccreditation
All centers that have come due for renewal during the transition period have been granted an extension of their designation until the implementation of the joint MBSAQIP standards.  ASMBS BSCOE Centers that came due for reaccreditation during the transition period will be contacted shortly and provided with application materials and further details regarding how to begin the application process.  Look for this in your inbox in the upcoming weeks.

Recertifying when the new MBSAQIP standards are in place
After implementation of the MBSAQIP standards, all centers will be given adequate time to come into compliance with the new standards, at which time centers will be contacted regarding their new designation level under the joint program. Any program that has been recertified before implementation of MBSAQIP will not be required to undergo an additional site visit before receiving their new designation.   Centers will continue to be due for their reaccreditation site visits on their existing 3-year renewal cycle.

New Programs and Programs on Probation
New programs seeking accreditation and programs currently on probation for not meeting existing annual volume requirements are able to apply now and will be verified against the existing ACS BSCN Program Standards. 

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